Review of Diego Caloca’s Work of Caloca Bible Rebinds

Just simply a beautiful Bible rebind!

As many of you already know, Diego Caloca Jr. of Caloca Bible Rebinds, has been gaining more and more “steam” as Diego has worked hard to fine tune the art of Bible/book rebinding, especially considering having been in the art for such a short time.

Diego delivered on ALL requests without a hitch. His work is impeccable! The grain of the goatskin, the corners, the tooling, the feel of the raised ribs when holding the Bible, the smell of the sokoto, everything exceeded my expectations. I cannot describe accurately how well Diego did the page edge work! Complete satisfaction with Caloca Bibles is an understatement.”

~ Noah Grove

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Hands down, Diego Caloca is one of the men in the world today at such a young age that I have great respect for. Instead of sitting around serving himself in a world of entertainment and acting like a mere boy, Diego has set out on a humble, yet noble task, of learning the trade of fine leather book/Bible rebinds. Instead of playing the fool of narcissistic ease, he is helping others without breaking their wallet.”

Jeremy B. Strang, Christian. Husband. Father. Author.

“It did not take long at all to realize two key things about him: 1.) This man is incredibly passionate about Bibles, knowledgeable about all things rebind and an immensely skilled artisan. 2.) For a man so gifted, he is incredibly humble. Though he’s likely rebound hundreds of Bibles, he got excited right along with me when we were discussing the possibilities of what he could do to save my aging and tattered Bible.”

~ Jeffrey Quinn

“Diego’s ornately tattooed arms and hands hold out the work that he humbly crafts for his clients with delight. (That’s Ephesians 1:3 tattooed on his left hand if you were wondering). By looking at what this turning out, you get the impression that he loves his work. That’s because he does. His work is beautiful, accurate, and either sublimely simple, or richly finished.”

~ Matthew Everhard, Pastor

“To say that I am pleased with Diego and his work would be a classic exercise in understatement.”

~ Matt Sherro, Pastor

Diego is one of the most skilled Bible rebinders working today. Entirely self-taught, he has the raw talent and patience to become a masterful leather-worker of Florentine proportions.

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