Christmas Giveaway from Caloca Bible Rebinds

caloca-bible-rebinds-christmas-giveaway-2016This Giveaway is over and for the 2016 year.

We know that Christmas is yet off, but we are too excited to keep this back any longer. We are pleased to announce that Caloca Bible Rebinds and Author Jeremy Strang are giving away a special gift in time and in keeping with the very reason for Christmas.

Diego has just finished on a brand new rebind and he is giving it away!

We are also giving away 5 secondary gifts!

What is it?

It is a custom ESV (English Standard Version), large print, compact Bible with navy blue Sokoto goatskin cover and a soft lambskin liner hand tailored by Diego. This Bible features a semi yapp cover with blue under silver art gilt and navy blue Japanese book cloth; not to mention a sewed perimeter, tooled spine and two ribbon book marks. This Bible is beautiful! Look below.

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Along with this, Jeremy will be giving away two of his recent books, The Foothills of True Grace and Stay In The Boat.


How can you enter to win?

  1. Share this link with everyone you know:
  2. Fill out the form below.

That is all!

Drawing Date

Drawing will be on Monday, December 12th.

May you be given peace and blessings as we live in a time that we are incredibly privileged to be alive.


Diego Caloca: Owner and Founder of Caloca Bible Rebinds – Facebook

Jeremy B. Strang: Christian. Husband. Father. Author. – Facebook / Blog / Amazon

PS. Never forget those who have yet to even see their first Bible. Learn more here.


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    Fresh, no non sense, rebinding artist is giving away a recent rebinding bible, plus Jeremy Strane is also giving away two of his recent books. Check it out.

    Plus if you have an old family heirloom bible that needs rebinding this is a good place to send it too. Enter the Give Away.

  2. Posted to my own feed of 4,500 people.
    Also various groups. All my best to the winner, and to the Caloca’s for offering such an awesome gift to someone.
    May we all soon know true peace.
    God Bless.

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