Oh Yea, Even More To Win In Time For Christmas!

image3Oh yea, even more to win in time for Christmas from Bible Rebind Craftsman Diego Caloca.

As many of you know, Diego is giving away a beautiful custom rebind for Christmas. Along with this, Author Jeremy B. Strang is teaming up with Diego to give away a couple his latest books.

Well, in addition to the grand prize, we are giving away 5 custom leather book marks with Caloca Bible Rebinds logo, along with 5 of Jeremy’s new book, “Stay In The Boat.”

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One last thing, to win you must sign up before December 12th of 2016. Visit the Giveaway Page, learn more about the custom Bible rebind giveaway, and SIGN UP!

And, never, never, never forget those who have yet to receive their very first Bible!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from:

Diego Caloca and Jeremy B. Strang

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