Rebind Price List/Color Choices


French Sully Chevre Chagrin

RM Leather description:

” Chevre Chagrin “Sully” Goat Leather comes from the Alran Tannery in France. The Alran tannery has been producing some of the finest goat leather for luxury brands for over 100 years. They are well known for their premium goat leather and the beautiful colors they are able to produce. 
This goat leather is their top grade, it is veg tanned in a unique 23 step process that takes over 3 weeks to produce each hide. This special process involves a lot of hands and working the leather to give it the beautiful grain, soft supple feel and even color. The grain has a natural texture that adds beautiful depth to the leather.”

  • 10″X7″ (and up) $205
  • 9″X6″                   $195
  • 8″X5″                   $185
  • 6″X4″                   $175
  • 5″X3″                   $165


  • Hubbs/ False Ribs – Raised, Tooled, Or None.
  • Gold Letters On The Spine, LIMITED TO – Holy Bible, Translation Initials, Makers Mark/ If Requested, All Other Stamping $1 Per Letter.
  • Perimeter Tooled Line Or Lines.
  • Black Leather Liner
  • New Matching Leather Head And Tail Bands.
  • New Ribbons (Up To 2)


Send Your Own Leather Option

  • 10″X7″ (and over)  $160
  • 9″X6″                        $150
  • 8″X5″                        $140
  • 6″X4″                        $130
  • 5″X3″                        $120


  • Cover Construction
  • False Ribs/Hubbs  – Raised, Tooled, Or None.
  • Gold Letters on Spine – Limeted To; Holy Bible, Translation Initials, Markers Mark (if requested), All Others Stamping Is Extra $1 Per Letter.
  • Perimeter Tooled Line Or Lines.
  • New Leather Head And Tail Bands.
  • New Ribbons (up to 2)


  • Dye Page Edges (Not re gilding service)  $37
  • Stitched Perimeter                                       $40
  • Extra Ribbons  Per                                         $2
  • Add Cords Or Sew Glued Textblock         $50
  • Custom Slipcase                                           $65
  • Extra Lettering    Per                                     $1
  • Extensive Repairs                                  $35-$100
  • Shipping                                                         $15